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With this new range of flours, Molini Lario wanted to celebrate its one hundred years of history by relying on its most distinctive feature of this first century of life: its strong attitude towards the use of the best milling technology at the service of constant quality of the flours.

Panificazione 00 Leggiadra

Ideal flour for making puffy bakery products such as Rosetta, Michetta and Tartaruga. Thanks to its formulation, this flour is particularly suited both for the production of Biga and for the subsequent refreshment stage. 00 LEGGIADRA, combined with an appropriate breadmaking process, provides the finished product with lightness, volume, crunchy crust, features which are most sought after for this product family.

This mix as also well suited for making breads which require high hydration, guaranteeing a correctly developed and well-marked texture.

Rheological values: W 380-420 *with added gluten

Pizzeria 00 Leggiadra

Ideal flour for making classic pizza obtained with a 24 hour leavening process.
Thanks to its blend properties, 00 TRADIZIONE provides the dough with high hydration capacity, with marked extensibility and resistance properties during maturation.
The pizza will stand out for its crunchy crust, its aroma and excellent masticability.

Rheological values: W 240-260

Pasticceria 00 Leggiadra

Ideal flour for making Croissants and festive cakes such as Panettone, Pandoro and Colomba. Thanks to its perfectly balanced blend, 00 PREGIATA stands out for its capacity to retain fat in the dough, which results in a fragrant puff pastry and a homogeneous and voluminous texture.
This flour is ideal both for making ready-to-eat Croissants and for those requiring a freezing process.

Rheological values: W 350-380

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