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Laboratorio controllo qualità - Molini Lario

Laboratory and Quality Control

The Quality Control laboratory is the real guarantor of the quality excellence of Molini Lario. The primary function of the laboratory is the systematic analysis carried out both in the preliminary selection of the consignments of wheat and upon receipt of the same, as well as on grinding and blending flours.

Such analysis involves accurate rheological tests (i.e., Chopin alveograph, farinograph and extensograph tests) and physico-chemical tests (i.e., gluten content, protein, falling number and ash).

In addition to the above analyses, within the same self-monitoring plan, the laboratory carries out checks on residues, in order to protect customers on every front.

Certifications: our Quality Policy

Since 1996 Molini Lario has been equipped with a Quality Management System that is essential to guarantee its customers the highest quality standards through systematic control of the entire production process.

Through its Quality Policy, Molini Lario takes care of the needs of its customers bringing them within the company organization to provide a highly efficient service.

Through the application of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Molini Lario maintains the highest level of safety and reliability of products and services, with particular reference to the rigorous selection of wheat suppliers.


The Molini Lario plant in Alzate Brianza - with a grinding capacity of 425 tons/day of soft wheat, corresponding to 330 tons/day of flour - is one of the most important production units in the national milling industry.
A strategic element of Molini Lario is its well-structured and efficient wheat storage system.
As a matter of fact, Molini Lario is able to ensile more than 30 different varieties of soft wheat separately, guaranteeing the essential flexibility in the subsequent mixing and milling stages.

Thanks to important investments, the production flow of mill grinding has been completely computerized. Since Molini Lario has taken part in the "Luci Spente" (Lights Out) project, the mill operates during the night with remote monitoring.

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